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That being said while Batman always manages to defeat Superman when they come to blows (in major stories) I feel like Homelander would take Batman out before they even got to an epic confrontation. Even evil Superman always falls into honorific 1v1 traps. Homelander has the honour of a bird spider. He'd show up while Bruce was picking up bagels for the staff meeting homelander and brightburn vs DCEU superman. Battle. Round 1:all three of them will not have prep time. Round 2:homelander and brightburn will have prep time but not Superman . Round 3:all of them will have prep time. Bonus round:homelander and brightburn fuse together to fight Superman. 27 comments. share. save. hide. report. 81% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Homelander (The Boys) Vs Brightburn (Brightburn) Vs Titan (Megamind) Vs Superman (DCEU) but they can only attack with their Lazer eyes . Battle. Close. 37. Posted by u/[deleted] 1 year ago. Archived. Homelander (The Boys) Vs Brightburn (Brightburn) Vs Titan (Megamind) Vs Superman (DCEU) but they can only attack with their Lazer eyes. Battle. No combatant can physically touch another. They can.

Homelander vs Omni-Man (The Boys vs Invincible) Violent superman rip off who are the most beloved heroes to humanity in their but are putting up a facade to that fact they are the villains and they tried to take over the world. Matchup. Close . Vote. Posted by just now. Homelander vs Omni-Man (The Boys vs Invincible) Violent superman rip off who are the most beloved heroes to humanity in their. Homelander vs Superman. Black Noir vs Batman. A-Train vs Flash (pretty much a stomp so lets get rid of speedforce) Queen Maeve vs Wonder Woman. The Deep vs Aquaman. Jack from Jupiter vs Martian Manhunter (this is a stomp as well) Lamplighter vs Green Lantern. Bonus Round: The Boys and their resources are dropped into Justice League world. Could.

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Homelander is a monster but he's also a pitiable one in a way. Much like The Plutonian, his true morals have completely cracked under the pressure of the facade he had to endure of being a god/the perfect man What if dceu Superman met Homelander from the Amazon TV series, The Boys? How would this fight go down? Would they fight it all and who would come out on top.. Homelander vs Superman: If Homelander and Superman were to battle one another who would win? Homelander is a character that is based on both Superman and Ca..

#Homelander #SupermanFAN-MADE: Superman (Henry Cavill) joins The Boys to fight against Vought and Homelander (Antony Starr).YouTube art provided by skull101i.. A lot of pepole are comparing Omni-Man vs Homelander as both act more or less like the Superman expy of their worlds but turn out to be morally unhinged and have a secret agenda. Personally there are other Omni-Man matchups i like more then Homelander but i can't deny it's recent jump in popular due to Invicible so i was kinda curious, what do you think of the matchup and who do you think. Homelander is far more likely to try to land a killing blow than Superman. Homelander shows time and again throughout The Boys that he has no quarrels with killing.Whether it be his sadism, his frayed sanity, or pure anger, Homelander is more than happy to snuff out a life if it conveniences or please him in the least, and it very often does Superman Could Crush Homelander in a FightSubscribe: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBRGarth Ennis' comic series The Boys has become a huge sensation thanks to t..

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  1. If you want to restore your faith in Superman, then either read What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way? Or watch the animated adaptation Superman Vs. The Elite. It's an excellent example of how Superman himself would likely respond to someone like Homelander, and frankly it is one of the best Superman stories.
  2. utes ago #63 Found the scene I was talking about. Homelander definitely admits to lacking the required secondary powers we typically see out of other characters with super-strength. Unfortunately, we have no other ways of truly gauging his actual power, as he's.
  3. I have had this idea ever since the first teaser of Brightburn was released, also with the addition of Homelander from The Boys played by the amazing Antony.
  4. Him vs Superman I'd pick Superman easily. MCU, meh, he doesn't require the Avengers just Ragnarok Hulk or Stormbreaker Thor. Zekes. Member. Oct 25, 2017 3,176. Aug 3, 2019 #10 I forgot about that movie . Keym. The Fallen. Oct 26, 2017 7,578. Aug 3, 2019 #11 Isn't that basically Superboy Prime . diakyu. Member. Dec 15, 2018 8,693. Aug 3, 2019 #12 He has a weakness in how his own race of.
  5. Participe da Comunidade Ei Nerd na Sparkle → https://sparkle.onelink.me/twwu/einerdDois poderosos super heróis hoje vão finalmente acertar suas diferenças...

Superman vs Homelander: Who Would Win. Fan art by UltraRaw. Homelander and Superman are quite similar. To assess who would win in a fight between them, let us assess their powers. Homelander is the main character in the controversial adult comic book The Boys. It was very recently adapted for television with the same title - The Boys. Homelander has laser vision. He can shoot fire from his. Like Superman, Homelander has a cape too. The only major differences between their costumes is that Homelander's cape has the design of an American flag. Homelander also wears gloves, which is something Superman has never been seen doing. 7 Super Hearing. Superman is able to hear many different sounds at different frequencies. Even when the sounds are far away or blocked by other objects such. Vs. Rules: superman cannot use ice breath and heat vision. Round 1: in metropolis Round 2: in space fight is obviously to the death. 9 years ago. texasdeathmatch. Follow 13990. Forum Posts. 30. LLÉVATE AQUÍ https://www.milcomics.com/comics-manga-y-libros/superheroes-en-hollywood-firmado-por-javi-olivares SUPERHÉROES EN HOLLYWOOD, mi nuevo libr.. In fact, Superman considers Black Adam to be significant enough of a threat that he holds nothing back when facing him in battle, something the Man of Steel does not do often. RELATED: The Boys: 5 Marvel Heroes Homelander Would Destroy (& 5 Who Would Demolish Him) Superman would have no problem taking out his lesser-clone in Homelander. So, if.

As mentioned previously, Homelander is essentially a weaker version of Superman. Because of this, it is apparent that Superman would easily be the victor. In a fight like this, Homelander's only real chance would be to obtain Kryptonite somehow. Without that though, Superman would easily be capable of delivering a beating that Homelander couldn't even imagine On Reddit, u/TimIsColdinMaine had a great way of describing how the TV show version of Homelander compares to the comics. He wrote: Without spoilers, he's an improvement on the comic book. Superman is way above Homelander's weight class. In fact, all the superheroes from The Boys universe are not very strong since they were going for a semi-realistic take on the genre. 5 years ago. Both Superman and Homelander are immune to most forms of physical harm. Homelander was shown to not be completely bulletproof, as there were some weapons that could destabilize him. The same applies to Superman, who can be destabilized by Kryptonite. However, the two are invulnerable most of the time It's characters like Homelander that try to deconstruct who Superman is that, ironically, make me appreciate him more. It would be so easy for him to become an evil tyrant, something many DC storylines have touched upon and explored, yet he never does. The more you show me that Superman would never exist, the happier I am to believe he does

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Superman can hear and see things from miles away, Homelander stands basically next-to a wall to eavesdrop on Stillwell. Superman can't see through lead, Homelander can't see through Zinc. Superman has been shown to have speeds rivaling the Flash. Homelander's speed, while superhuman, does not seem anywhere near those levels The real deal, and not some knock off. Superman is the pinnacle of power and strength in superhero popular culture. While Homelander is a clone of him with similar powers, he can't hold a candle to the real thing. Everything Superman is just better, Superman fighting Homelander wouldn't be much of a contest Homelander vs. Superman. Discussion in 'Mayberry Lounge' started by Cherry Brigand, Nov 6, 2020. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Cherry Brigand I'll drink and dance with one hand free. Joined: Sep 9, 2009 Messages: 2,971 Likes Received: 2,247 Location: FEDOR FOREVER! Homelander by laser eyes round one. Cherry Brigand, Nov 6, 2020 #1. Provocateur Red Belt. Joined: Apr 25, 2007 Messages: 8,808 Likes. As mentioned previously, Homelander is essentially a weaker version of Superman. Because of this, it is apparent that Superman would easily be the victor. In a fight like this, Homelander's only real chance would be to obtain Kryptonite somehow. Without that though, Superman would easily be capable of delivering a beating that Homelander couldn't even imagine

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Interesting fight, Homelander will most likely be a non factor here so then it's pretty much just Superman vs Thanos, I'll back Superman. Edit: shit I didn't see it was speed equalized. Homelander vs Superman: Until we get more feats from Homelander, Superman wins this with relative ease.He actually has feats fighting multiple high level super humans. He faced off against. The odds are already against Billy Butcher and the rest of his Boys. With one exception, they don't have any superpowers, and they're going up against the world's mightiest corporation and some of the strongest, most dangerous heroes alive. But, even among all the super-strong, super-fast, and otherwise deadly superheroes in Vought's control, Homelander is the ultimate threat clash of Superman´s Bootlegs. I know Omni-mans feats are impressive but we really dont know what Homelander can do if he REALLY cuts loose because he's never had to

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Related: Superman vs One-Punch Man: Who Would Win? Homelander's public image in The Boys is very similar to that of Superman or Captain America. People see him as a patriotic, benevolent hero fighting for truth, justice, and the American way. His backstory is even the exact same as Superman's - he came from outer space as a baby and was raised by a kind midwestern familyor so people are. Homelander. Superman saved no one in the explosion not even people in the back rows further away from explosion. Homelander saved butcher who was the closest to the explosion. Lasers her eyes out. Im Sub-Reddit zur Amazon-Serie haben wir nun ein Deep-Fake-Video mit Chris Evans als Homelander gefunden, das wir euch nicht vorenthalten wollen. Zum Gratis-Test-Abo von Amazon Prime *) The Boys. There's simply not much Homelander could do if Superman is indeed able to punch harder than him. Resorting to dirty tricks wouldn't necessarily help, as Superman hasn't taken any visibly significant damage from a hit, whether from Zod or Doomsday. There's a chance Homelander could surprise the Man of Steel if he comes out aggressively early on, but the longer they go, the less of a chance he.

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  1. Here are some of the best Homelander Vs Superman memes out there. 10 The Dating Scene Is Tough. When it comes to general strength, Homelander isn't quite as capable as Superman. While trying to save the victims of a hijacked plane to safety, he states that he is unable to use his full strength while flying. He needs to stand on a solid surface in order to do so. He thus lets the plane crash.
  2. Homelander is superman without weakness. He is ruthless and kills people for fun. Superman defeated Thor even though superman weakness was Magic (in crossover) And debate was done countless time..
  3. Homelander is the Main Antagonist of the Graphic Novel SeriesThe Boys. 1 Fanon Wiki Idea's So Far 1.1 With the Seven 1.2 Battle Record 1.3 Possible Opponents 1.3.1 With the Seven (Amazon) 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 3.1 Powers 3.2 Weaknesses 4 Gallery Superman vs Homelander (Completed) All..
  4. Superman vs Homelander. By Jose-Ramiro Watch. 204 Favourites 374 Comments 3K Views. blond blonde boys brunette cartoon comics counterpart dc evil from his justice league man men muscle muscular super superhero superheroes superman toon toons versus homelander seven vs. Request. Superman (DC Comics) versus Homelander, his evil counterpart from 'The Boys'. Yep, Homelander is outclassed here, as.
  5. Superman Vs. Hyperion, Homelander, and Sentry. User Info: Overhaul. Overhaul 6 months ago #1. Who would win? - Results (106 votes) Superman beats them all no question. 42.45% (45 votes) 45. Superman beats them but just barely. 17.92% (19 votes) 19. Superman is killed. 29.25% (31 votes) 31. They would all end up fighting each other. 10.38% (11 votes) 11. Draw. 0% (0 votes) 0. This poll is now.
  6. This response shows the vast difference between the hero Superman is and the one Homelander claims to be. Superman is concerned about what the world thinks about him, but not in a selfish way. He cares about Earth's citizens and wants them to put their trust in his hands as long as he can truly protect them. Homelander only cares about how the public perceives him for the sake of his fragile.

<br>His feats are at the same level as Brightburn, so not sure how is this supposed to be a clear cut by any mean.Also, OP... Why did you put these guys again DCEU Superman? <br> <br>HahahahaLol, looking at his feats, this Homelander guy seems pretty pathetic. HahahahaI'd take any live action version to punch both of these turds. IP address, what pages you visit on our Website, whether you. The Boys, Homelander vs. Superman: ecco il video che sta facendo impazzire il web quando esce cobra kai 4? la risposta di netflix in questo video emilia clarke entra nel marvel cinematic universe. In The Boys, Homelander is the most powerful of all the Supes. He basically has the powers of Superman. He can fly, he's bullet-proof, he has X-ray vision (but he can't see through zinc), super.. Select Page. homelander superman reddit. by | Feb 13, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Feb 13, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comment

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  1. Homelander is a clear stand-in for Superman, gifted with near invulnerability, X-ray vision, laser eyes, and flight, powers he uses to publicly fight for America. And Susan's fear of this.
  2. g through it, precisely because I hate to be the one being so confused or causing this sort of confusion. However, I understand that some.
  3. Superman vs Homelander is a fanon Death Battle by 1dude235 that pits Superman Returns Superman against The Boys Homelander. It's 1dude235's first Fanon Death Battle This battle focuses on a composite Homelander, facing off against Brandon Routh's version of Superman from Superman Returns. 1 Intro 2 Superman 3 Homelander 4 Prelude 5 Fight 6 Results 7 Trivia Wiz: They say imitation is the.
  4. Superman's hair would likely curl at the very idea that he had anything in common with Homelander, but it's true. Homelander shares a lot in common with the iconic DC Comics' character, in ways that are obvious and others that are not as much so. On the surface, Homelander might seem another grim and gritty take on Superman, ala Superior, but he's a little more complicated than that
  5. Superhero battle match: Homelander (Amazon Prime) versus Superman. Who will win in a fight between Homelander (Amazon Prime) and Superman

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So he's largely a send-up of Superman, with a little Steve Rogers thrown in. [Homelander is] basically an inversion of Captain America meets Superman and add a big dose of craziness. Es así que el fan trailer de Superman vs Homelander nos da un primer acercamiento a esta batalla, por lo podemos ver al ultimo hijo de Krypton ingresando al universo de 'The Boys' para hacerle frente al líder de The Seven y como era de esperarse, este no se quedará de brazos cruzados, por lo que iría a su encuentro para protagonizar un espectacular combate On one corner, you have Homelander, the fearsome uber-Supe of The Boys universe. On the other, there's the DCEU's Superman (Henry Cavill), the last survivor of planet Krypton and a solar-powered. Note: This profile contains mature subject material. Discretion advised. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others 5 References Homelander is one of the main characters in the Amazon series The Boys. He's the world's most powerful superhero and leader of the greatest group of them, The Seven. Homelander was raised like a lab rat in a facility to keep others safe from his powers. The. A fan video edits footage of Henry Cavill's Superman into The Boys to set up an epic clash of superheroes against The Seven's Homelander. Played by Antony Starr in Amazon Prime's hit satire of superheroes, Homelander is a psychopathic version of what a superhero with Superman's powers could end up like if he was raised without love or morals. Based on the comic book of the same name, the show.

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Superhero battle match: Homelander (APV) versus Superman (DCEU). Who will win in a fight between Homelander (APV) and Superman (DCEU) Superhero battle match: Homelander (APV) versus Superman. Who will win in a fight between Homelander (APV) and Superman We meet many bad supers in The Boys, but Ennis' most terrifying creation by far is Homelander, an inverted mix of Superman and Captain America Superman has had enough of those non sense, he more tolerant to him Vs Goku or see some fan art of them as Superman, you idol ling stuff but see stuff or see thing of abuse power on those who can't fight back, or see those have power but use to do wrong thing, he will not let this continue, he fight for those are need a hero, not a tyrant Superman Vs. Hyperion, Homelander, and Sentry. User Info: Killmonger. Killmonger 4 months ago #21. Homelander has no business being here. No idea about Hyperion. Sentry beats Supes to death. I will die of cancer before I let another dude finger my a*****e. - ZeroX91. User Info: Grischnak. Grischnak 4 months ago #22. Killmonger posted... Homelander has no business being here. No idea about.

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The Homelander is the central antagonist of the highly controversial adult comic-book series The Boys, first published in 2006.. Like most of the superheroes in his universe he is a dark-as-mud parody of more popular superheroes such as Superman and Captain America but deconstructed into a twisted villain protagonist Homelander (Amazon's The Boys) vs Superman (Man of Steel) Battle. DC Comics: 10 Heroes You Didn't Know Started At A Different Publisher social media account, please refer to the social media provider's privacy policy for information date/timestamp, and number of clicks to analyze trends, administer the site, track user's Eric Kripke, co-creator, said the TV series wanted to create. Homelander's mostly scary because no one's dared to establish what his limitations are, so no one can be 100% sure if anything they might try against him would work. They probably could get rid of him if they threw everything at him, but they can't be sure, and that's terrifying. Omni-Man's scary because they know nothing they throw at him will make any difference. They dropped the Hammer on. Homelander vs CW Superman. Odpowiedź 1: Nie, bez kryptonitu. Chociaż Homelander ma podobne moce, takie jak laser oka, lot, super siła itp. Superman ma większą intensywność tych mocy z łatwością łapie samoloty, porusza się tak szybko jak Błysk, leci w kosmosie. Homelander to człowiek odurzony superumiejętnością podczas gdy Superman jest kosmitą używającym naszego.

homelander vs cw superman. homelander vs cw superman . Antwoord 1: Nee, zonder kryptoniet. Hoewel Homelander vergelijkbare krachten heeft zoals ooglaser, vlucht, superkracht, enz. Superman heeft een betere intensiteit van die krachten hij vangt gemakkelijk vliegtuigen, beweegt zo snel als Flash, vliegt in de ruimte. Homelander is een mens gedrogeerd met superkracht terwijl Superman een. homelander vs cw supermann. homelander vs cw supermann. Svar 1: Nei, uten kryptonitt. Selv om Homelander har lignende krefter som øyelaser, flight, super styrke, etc. Superman har en bedre intensitet av disse kreftene han fanger lett fly, beveger seg så raskt som Flash, flyr i det ytre rom. Homelander er et menneske drukket med super styrke mens Superman er en romvesen som bruker den. Homelander vs Omni-man Anonymous 05/06/21(Thu)15:56:33 No. 150558514. How would a fight between these two play out, /tv/? >> Anonymous 05/06/21(Thu)15:57:29 No. 150558557. Anonymous 05/06/21(Thu)15:57:29 No. 150558557. Omni-Man brojizzle >> Anonymous 05/06/21(Thu)15:57:54 No. 150558578. Anonymous 05/06/21(Thu)15:57:54 No. 150558578 >>150558514 haven't finished the series but I've got a nagging. Ok, this battle will be the battle of the Supers! Superman from DC Comics versus Homelander from The Boys. I did both an analysis of both Superman and Homelander. First Superman has super-strength, near-invulnerability, super-speed, he can shoot a laser beam from his eyes, he can fly He's weak against, Kryptonite, the red sun, and magic

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Homelander Vs Movie Superman? Comics and Graphic Novels Topic Archived; Page . of 5; Next ; Last ; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards ; Comics and Graphic Novels; Homelander Vs Movie Superman? User Info: _Savage. *SPOILERS*I will be using the boys for reference as the influx of questions like these recently are from the veiwers. As much as I hate to say, my boi homelander is.

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Superman vs Homelander . By Firefalken97 Watch. 292 Favourites 44 Comments 2K Views. fanart comicbookartist homelander supermandccomics amazonprime firefalken97 theboystv. Homelander has become one of my favorite villains, but Superman is still the gold standard for superheroes! What a difference a loving family makes! Image details. Image size. 900x712px 557.87 KB. Published: Oct 16, 2020. Jul 28, 2020 - Clark Kent. Kal-El. The Man of Steel. The Last Son of Krypton. A place to discuss Superman and all things Superman related superman brightburn crossover theboys homelander crossoverfanart theboysfanart The topic was With The Boys season 2 over, suggest either superheroes that you'd like to see TV's The Boys fight against or superheroes you'd like to see fight the superbeings on The Boys (like Captain America vs. Stormfront, Wonder Woman vs. Homelander, etc.)

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  1. Homelander is effectively The Boys' take on DC's boy scout Superman from a power standpoint. As a child, Homelander was raised in one of Vought International's labs and given his incredible power set. This is where Homelander began developing the abilities of flight, invulnerability, increased strength, super hearing, x-ray vision, and laser vision. It was at an early age that Homelander began.
  2. g to an explosive end this Friday, there are still plenty of unresolved plot points and character arcs that need to be resolved.. One character that seems close to snapping is Starr's Homelander
  3. Homelander confronts Queen Maeve, who's leaving the Seven along with Starlight, after learning that Maeve's the spy working for the Boys, planting listening bugs in the Seven's headquarters. Maeve's last act was to throw Starlight out of the hangar to escape, and confronts Homelander on her own. The fight is not shown but i
  4. Black Noir turned out to be an unstable clone of the Homelander. His main purpose? To kill Homelander once he goes out of line. The problem was Homelander didn't do anything extremely appalling, and Black Noir started to get impatient. So Black Noir did a couple of heinous crimes, and then took pictures of it
  5. Homelander's powerset is equivalent to Superman. He can fly, he's got heat vision, superhuman strength, and invulnerability. However, the leader of The Seven has the opposite approach to being a hero as his DC counterpart. Homelander in a murderous, sad man who's own anger has turned him into a villainous monster. At full power
  6. Homelander takes on the Avengers in a fan-edited scene from The Boys season 2 finale, and things don't turn out very well for Tony Stark and his pals. Debuting on Amazone Prime Video last year.
  7. homelander vs cw superman. homelander vs cw superman. Respuesta 1: No, sin kriptonita. Aunque Homelander tiene poderes similares como láser ocular, vuelo, súper fuerza, etc. Superman tiene una mejor intensidad de esos poderes atrapa fácilmente aviones, se mueve tan rápido como Flash, vuela en el espacio exterior. Homelander es un humano drogado con súper fuerza mientras que.

1 Description 2 Interlude 3 All Might arrives into Death Battle 4 Homelander makes his star in Death Battle 5 Intermission 6 Poll 7 Pre-Fight 7.1 Fight 8 Conclusion 9 Trivia 10 Next Time My Hero Academia vs The Boys: Their seen as the poster boys of America, who can do nothing wrong and have insane strength Wiz: Ever since the birth of comics and rise of Superheroes and Superman being the. Man of Steel Movie Superman vs The Boys TV Series Homelander *spoilers* User Info: Shotagonist. Shotagonist 5 months ago #1. In character. Superman will only kill if push comes to shove. Takes place where Superman fought Zod in the end. Protagonist. Antagonist. Shotagonist. Sho Minazuki! Kamoshida did nothing wrong in Persona 5. User Info: lolife67. lolife67 5 months ago #2. Homelander doesn't.

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Homelander flies towards Larry who immediately slaps him across the face, taking him to the ground. Saitama goes to punch him but gets slapped too. Superman plays it smart and grabs both of Larry's hands. However, Larry kicks Superman off him before slapping him in the face multiple times. Goku gets disappointed about Homelander, Saitama and Superman getting defeated by a normal human being. Superman vs Homelander. By Twinsvega Watch. 167 Favourites 21 Comments 1K Views. dc superman theboys homelander amazontheboys theboyscomic comics dccomics superhero vought dccomicsfanart supermandccomics supermanclarkkent. Christopher Reeves' Man of Steel takes on Antony Starr's John from Vought International to save the doomed passengers aboard Transoceanic Flight 37. Image details . Image. Homelander vs Superman Teaser Trailer. John No Comments. Facebook; Today we have a great fan made movie trailer video that has edited footage from Henry Cavill's Superman into The Boys to set up a spectacular battle of superheroes against Homelander. Played by Antony Starr in Amazon Prime's smash superhero spoof, Homelander is a delusional version of what a superhero with Superman's.

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Face-Off: The Homelander vs. Superman by Master_Strange | created - 5 days ago | updated - 5 days ago | Public If these two faced each other in a fight who would survive in the Fight? Alternative Question: Which one do you think is stronger, Superman or The Homelander. Discuss the poll Here . 2 images create a new list. List your movie, TV & celebrity picks. List Activity. Views: 7 | in last. Superman(DCAMU) vs Homelander(The Boys) Thread starter DarkMagic; Start date Aug 16, 2020; Prev. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Go. Daenerys Stormfront ستیام شیوم سندرام . Aug 25, 2020 #26 One thing I want you guys to note. Look at the pic of Homelander in the OP. Queen Maeve managed to cut Homelander's face with a metal prop sword. Now Maeve is in the top tier in the Boys. homelander vs cw superman. Réponse 1: Non, sans kryptonite. Bien que Homelander ait des pouvoirs similaires comme le laser oculaire, le vol, la super force, etc. Superman a une meilleure intensité de ces pouvoirs il attrape facilement les avions, se déplace aussi vite que Flash, vole dans l'espace. Homelander est un humain drogué avec une super force tandis que Superman est un. Superman vs Homelander Who would win? #dccomics #dceu #henrycavill #superman #justiceleague #amazon #amazonprime #theboys #homelander #queenmaeve #anthonystarr #multiverse #multiversus #fanart #fanmade. 28w. hutchings498. Superman. 28w 3 likes Reply. new_j0ker. seeing how little of the patriot (homelander) I think superman wins even though we saw superman about two times fighting with. Superman vs Homelander # Superman It would be so satisfying to see Superman bring him to justice and beat him down. It'd sort of be like that scene when Superman confronted his Injustice version

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  1. Homelander vanted and killed Lindsay Lohan You see, companies, they come and go. But talent... talent is forever.Homelander Homelander, who is occasionally referred to as John by Vought International, is the main antagonist in the Amazon series The Boys, also serving as one of the two main antagonists of Season 2 (alongside Stormfront). He is the leader of The Seven, and the prime enemy of.
  2. Homelander Vs Superman by ozone717.1TRH1. 3k followers. Superman Stuff. Superman Art. Comic Superheroes. Comic Book Heroes. Action Comics 1. Dc Comics. Arte Zombie. Dc Anime. Se7en. People also love these ideas. Comic Book Heroes. Comic Books. Superman Action Figure. Spiderman Art. Character Poses. Nerd Love. Marvel . Dc Characters. Comics Universe. @ultimate_superman_featsx: Superman vs.
  3. yes. Talking About the Amazon prime series. As far as what he has done, we do not know for sure how many lives he saved so far. Surely quite a lot. So far, there would have been more deaths without him than with him, i guess. So. Has he done good.

homelander vs cw superman. homelander vs cw superman . sagot 1: Hindi, nang walang kryptonite. Kahit na ang Homelander ay may katulad na mga kapangyarihan tulad ng eye laser, flight, sobrang lakas, atbp. Superman ay may isang mas mahusay na intensity ng mga kapangyarihang Madali niyang kinukuha ang mga Planes, gumagalaw nang mas mabilis na Flash, lumilipad sa labas ng kalawakan. Ang. homelander vs cw superman. homelander vs cw superman. Jawaban 1: Tidak, tanpa kryptonit. Meskipun Homelander memiliki kekuatan yang sama seperti laser mata, penerbangan, kekuatan super, dll. Superman memiliki intensitas kekuatan yang lebih baik ia dengan mudah menangkap Pesawat, bergerak secepat Flash, terbang di luar angkasa. Homelander adalah manusia yang dibius dengan kekuatan super. Superhero battle match: Homelander versus Superman (DCEU). Who will win in a fight between Homelander and Superman (DCEU) Terbang: Superman. Homelander memiliki kemampuan khusus untuk mengangkat dirinya dari tanah dan terbang dengan kecepatan yang tinggi. Ketika sedang terbang di udara, Homelander bisa mendcapai tujuan yang jauh hanya dalam waktu singkat. Superman, mampu menerbangkan dirinya sendiri ke udara dalam kecepatan yang tinggi dan terbang lebih tinggi dibandingkan yang lain. BACA JUGA: Review UGREEN USB.

Homelander Vs Movie Superman? Topic Archived; First; Page . of 5; Next ; Last ; More topics from this board... Superman always comes off as untrustworthy to me: nativeboi85: 26: 4/30 9:32PM: Superman & Lois is only 5 eps for season 1? TV: 60fps: 16: 4/27 2:37AM: Where does this Superman page originate? gatsbyy : 3: 4/21 1:30PM: Who would you say is the best Superman voice actor? Just_a_loser. Aug 29, 2020 - @ultimate_superman_featsx: Superman vs homelander . #batman #superman #flash #greenlantern #greenarrow #wonderwoman #robi UA Students vs Stain: This is the fight of Speed Blitzes. 5 days ago. Gran Torino vs Nomu: Speed Blitzes him off the train. 0. Mr. Brazil guy. Superman com sangue nos olhos. My Hero Academia's All Might is a powerful guy, but would he stand a chance against DC's Superman? Upvote (11) Leave Blank. All Might Vs Thanos By Kensabay On Deviantart Awesome Anime. Superman vs Homelander.

Who will win in a fight between Superman & Superman (DCEU) and Homelander & Homelander (APV)? Menu. Register Sign in. Searching..... Superman & Superman (DCEU) vs Homelander & Homelander (APV) Created by Taurus. 6 wins (100%) 0 (0%) 0 wins (0%) Superman Kal-El Prime Earth: 238 K: Superman Kal-El DCEU: 13 K: team class: 251 K: Homelander: 3.5 K: Homelander John Vogelbaum APV: 1.1 K: team class. Superman vs Homelander, de The Boys - Quem ganharia em uma luta? [ANÁLISE] O embate entre o Homem de Aço e o líder dos Sete seria intenso, e fatores como até a diferença entre as índoles dos. Homelander's a stupid dumb scrub, and Superman's the freaking Man of Steel, it was a foregone conclusion. Reply. Gl1tchF0x 6 days ago. He do be havin that red undies tho. Reply. Romanoslittlelover1 Apr 25, 2021. Get him Kal! Reply. fxe466116 Apr 1, 2021. this art is very satisfying and he deserved it for letting the passengers die on the plane. Reply. 0ne0nlyLarry Mar 24, 2021. How ? Because.

homelander vs superman. by - September 5, 2020. DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.We have reviewed all of our advertising partners' policies to ensure that they comply with all applicable data privacy laws and recommended data security practices.This site contains links to other sites. These cookies track usage of the site for security, analytics and. If we're talking the strongest version of Superman vs Homelander then yeah it's not even worth discussing. Homelander is a middling powerhouse who happens to be impressive by mortal standards, sure. But Superman is strong enough to punch the universe into retconning, fast enough to escape the gravitational pull of a black hole, and tough enough to take a nuke to the face without much problem.

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