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With the U5 high-voltage DI Preamplifier you can conjure the sweet, vivid sounds your recordings deserve. A unique combination of passive tone selector and variable gain preamp and filter, the U5 accepts a wide variety of signal levels and instruments, everything from acoustic guitars to active bass guitars and keyboards. You'll be astounded at the magic you'll be able to work with the U5 in your studio. Tons of sonic character The Avalon Vt-737sp - official plugin. - November 14, 2019 -. Avalon Design in conjunction with Universal Audio is proud to release the Avalon VT-737sp, a precisely-modeled plug-in emulation of our modern classic, Class A, vacuum tube, channel strip. Seventeen months in research from the leading MIT designer working closely with the development. Second-hand Avalon U5. View Post. Strymon IRidium vs. Plugins...next came a long train of modelers (several Line 6 products, including a POD X rack), a Mesa preamp, an Avalon U-5, and a batch of various plug-ins (Amplitude, Bias, Peavey Revalver, etc). The latency of the plug-ins was a problem for me, and tonally, they were similar to the Line 6 stuff- fizzy... View Post. See All Discussions.

Avalon U5 Direct Box Avalon 737 Avalon 737SP Tube Preampwaves, neve, ssl, ua, plugins, pro tools, recording, recording studio, nuendo, focusrite, bogner,.. Test: Avalon U5, Instrumenten DI Preamp. Das Frontpanel der D.I. Box wird im typischen Avalon Style von 2 großen Drehreglern, 4 Druckschaltern, 2 LEDs und zwei Klinkenbuchsen definiert, welche über folgende Funktionen verfügen: Boost: kontrolliert den Eingangspegel von +2 dB bis +32 dB in 3 dB Schritten. Es wird darauf verwiesen, dass auch die. Bei dem Avalon U5 Mono handelt es sich im Prinzip um eine High-End D.I. Box, welche sowohl hochohmige Instrumentalsignale als auch die leistungsstarken Lautsprecherausgänge eines Verstärkers in ein symmetrisches Line- oder Mikrofonsignal konvertiert. Dabei bedient sich der U5 reiner Class-A Technologie, welche sich, ohne zu sehr auf die verschiedenen Verstärkungsprinzipien einzugehen, zwar. Avalon vt737sp plugin When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Please note that it may take a few weeks for us to fully morph into 'Gearspace' so you may still see mentions of the old name in various parts of the forum - rest assured we are working on it and by mid-April it should be sorted. Thanks for your support! Reply. The Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip plug-in expertly emulates the hardware's discrete four-band EQ, allowing you to sculpt lead vocals with a visceral, larger-than-life presence and sophistication, placing them front-and-center in any mix. Like the hardware, the EQ can easily be placed before or after the compressor, and the mid bands can be engaged as sidechain filters for laser-focused compression. And with the 32k high frequency air band, you can add delicate shimmer to.

Find great deals on the Avalon U5 on Reverb.comClick Here https://reverb.com/marketplace?utm_source=shnobel&query=avalon+u5&_aid=shnobe The Avalon U5 is a high quality, single channel direct input box. It is an analog unit and just has two 1/4 inch connections - one is an input to plug your instrument or signal into and the other is a through output to send your signal someplace else if you so desire. The Avalon U5 is not in rack form and is a box that can sit on top of your rack space Today we pair the Neumann TLM 49 condenser microphone with the Avalon Vt 737 sp. A premium microphone preamp, packed with loads of features. It has high qua..

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The following modern instruments were sampled with: Avalon U5, A-Design Reddi, Phoenix Audio NiceDI, Apogee Rosetta 200, Apogee Mini-ME, VoVox Cables. MFB Kraftzwerg. MFB Dominion 1. Doepfer Dark Energy II. AS Telemark V2 . Make Noise 0-Coast. Antonus Model 2600. Pittsburgh SV-1. Arturia MiniBrute 2. Dreadbox Erebus V3. Behringer Neutron. Moog Grandmother. LoFreq Classic. 44 years of analog. The Avalon U5 has improved the sound of my acoustic guitar so much. So soon and very musical sounding. 5 stars all of the way for the sound and function. The only drawback I can say is the lack of a power on/off switch. For a direct box that costs this much you would think you could keep it your recording room and turn it on or off when you need it. Make sure you plug your guitar in first and. Avalon Plugin-Emulationen? Dieses Thema im Forum Mixing wurde erstellt von R-Kelly, 18.07.18. Schlagworte: avalon; plugins; Status des Themas: Beachte, dass dieses Thema älter als ein Jahr ist! Möglicherweise ist es sinnvoller, einen neuen Thread zu erstellen. R-Kelly. Registriert seit: 08.03.07 Punkte: 5.146. Man findet sie ja schon fast in jedem großem Studio dieser Welt. Die schönen. SUSCRIBETE AL CANALhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU2lzX5Qrbk4DfnI9FXt6jQSIGUE A RENEX LEDINSTAGRAM:http://instagram.com/renexledTWITTER:https://twitter.co..

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I don't think the U5 has enough color to make a real difference, but you never know until you try. Let us all know how it works. I would likely just go throught the U5 into the Mackie at line level and avoid the Mackie mic pre gain all together. Get the Avalon M5 mic pre and you won't mess with that Mackie mic pre al all.. Next change out every cable one at a timeThe only cables in my chain (all) is the two power cauble, U5 and mac. Usb for the interface, two speaker cables for the monitors, and the only thing connecting to the interfaces IN is the $50 Mogami XLR-1/4TRS. The sound happens when it is inserted in either channel 1 or 2 of the interface. When I disconect the Mogami cable (the U5) and plug an instrument directly into either channel 1 or 2 there is not sound. Dead silence. I have been. I have a Brick, a UA2610 and an Avalon 737 in my main room. If the bass ist is not in the CR its generally the Brick getting the singnal into the CR. One of the really outstanding bassist around came in for a session and brought a U5. I thought the U% had at least a half octave of extension undar all the other other options...outstanding in that area. There was also cetain mojo from botht the 610 and the Brick that was not present in the u5 help Avalon u5 transformer. I am looking for a new transformer for my avalon u5 . Where can i find one? Share Reply Quote. 24th August 2019 #2. gyraf. Lives for gear 15 years. Why not ask Avalon? They should know all about it... Jakob E. Share Reply Quote Reply.

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Avalon U5; Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro Platinum; DANGEROUS 2 Bus LT; Looptrotter Monster Compressor; FMR RNC1773 Compressor; WA-2A w/ Genelex Gold Lion 12AX7 Tube; WA-76; DBX 231 Graphic EQ; DBX 1066 Compressor/Gate; ART Pro VLA II w/ Mullard 12AT7 Tubes; Aphex Aural Exciter; BBE Sonic Maximizer; Yamaha SPX2000; HS8 Monitors; Softube Channel and Console; Avid Artist Mi Hallo, ich bin gerade dabei ein paar songs ein zu spielen. Gitarre --> Avalon U5 --> Trough out ---> Marshall JCM800 --> Iso Cabinet, 2 Mikros --> Interface --> PC Unter meinem Schreibtisch ist mit Monitoren, 3 Bildschirmen, computer usw usw. natürlihc ein rießen verhau und ein daraus.. We have collected data (music preferences, personality traits and demographics) by people who took the Goodforme Test for U5 and relevant gear by Avalon, in Preamps or related categories and together with the tech specs of products in our database we feed it into our state-of-the-art recommendation engine. A sample of the data we are using to generate the results for the Goodforme Test, reports and visualizations for this gear can be found below Avalon U5 - Mono Instrument & DI Preamplifier. The U5 high-voltage DI-preamp combines a unique passive tone selector..

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Hey Guys, Sorry for another thread, but I've decided to put my ES 335 search on hold for a bit and use $ to improve my acoustic tone for recording/li Di I need an preamp before I plug into the di? I need one inly for stage and not for Studio. Rubert Neve RNDI; Radial Firefly; A-designs Reddi; Avalon U5; I havent tried one of thes di boxes. Plesse tell me your experiance. Thx Last edited: May 20, 2016. May 20, 2016 #2. s0c9 Supporting Member. Jan 9, 2014 Ft.Worth/Dallas 1964 Audio artist, Fractal Audio Beta Tester. Define what you mean by. Avalon RM1 Rackmount Kit for U5 or M5. The Avalon RM-1 converts a single U5 or M5 to a standard 19 in. rack system. Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov Schnittsoftware inklusive diverser TDM Plug-Ins, - Video PAL Vollbild synchronisiert zum Pro Tools Audiosystem, - Geithain Stereo-, sowie Genelec-Abhörmonitore für 5.1 Surroundanwendungen, - Neumann, Sennheiser sowie Audix Mikrofone, - Instrumenten Vorverstärker: Avalon U5, - Mikrofon Vorverstärker: Mind Print, Avalon AD 2022

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Inside the Avalon U5 Soumis par Thierry 01-11-2015 Dernière mise à jour : 15-06-2016 When I tried to find something about the Avalon U5, I realise that there was almost nothing about it. € The Avalon U5 is really different of other classical DI : - it is a preamp : gain of maxi +30 dB is set by 3dB steps - it's an equalizer : some useful Eq curves are already programmed in it. - it. The Ampeg SVT-3 PRO plug-in features tools that greatly add to its versatility when tracking bass. The FX Rack features an onboard noise gate, host-syncable Power Soak, and pre/post switchable EQ filter controls, allowing you to put the finishing touches — before or after mixdown. But it's the SVT-3 PRO plug-in's 26 Recording Chain presets that give you the ultimate in flexibility. Captured through Brainworx's ultra-rare Neve VXS72 console, these presets let you audition. Ampeg SVX Plug-in ART TubeMP ART Tube Channel Ashdown RPM-1 Avalon U5 BBE B-Max BBE B-MaxT BBE DI-1000 BBE DI-100x Behringer MIC200 DeMaria ADL 300-G Demeter VTBP201s Demeter VTDB-2b DW Fearn VT-3 EA iAMP 800 EBS Classic 1 Eclair Evil Twin Eden Navigator Epifani Quest Fender TBP-1 Fodera Model 2000 Genz Benz GBE-750 Genz Benz NEO-PAK 3.5 GT The. Avalon voorversterkers . 4 Treffers. 1 Rode VXLR Pro; Plug adaptor with transformer and power converter; TRS mini jack (3.5mm) to XLR3M; integrated voltage converter from phantom power (12 - 48V) to plug-in power (4V); for connecting VideoMic, VideoMic GO, VideoMicro, VideoMic Pro, VideoMic Pro+, VideoMic... € 45. naar het product. Onlangs bekeken . Showtec ACT Fresnel 50 WW . Showtec. Avalon 737 Vacuum Tube Avalon U5 DI-BOX (2x) Eventide H-3000 D/SE Harmonizer Presonus ACP88 8 chan. Compressor / Limiter / Gate TC Electronics M-ONE XL Multi FX TC Electronics D-TWO Delay IQ-Systems Stereo Clarifier Lexicon MPX-1 Multi FX Alesis Midiverb II (2x) BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer Line 6 POD PRO Line 6 Bass PO

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macht aus einem Avalon U5 oder M5 ein Standard 19-System. enthalten sind 2 Rack-Ohren und 8 rostfreien Stahlschrauben. Ohr: 5.5 x 5.25 x 3.5in, 14 x 13.4 x 8.8 cm. Farbe: schwarz. 030 - 88 77 55 00. Mo-Fr: 10 - 19 Uhr und Sa: 10 - 18 Uhr. Bei allgemeinen Fragen bitte per Email. info@justmusic.de Kontakt aufnehmen Avalon U5 Class A DI Preamp/EQ. Plug into Avalon's high-voltage Class A DI and hear just how good a DI box can sound! With variable gain up to +30 dB, the U5's preamp works with any source. Avalon U5 Class A DI Preamp/EQ. Overall User Ratings (based on 32 ratings) Overall: Sound: Features: Ease of Use: Quality: Value: Manufacturer Support: The Wow Factor: Overall: (32) (see rating details. Der Avalon V55 verfügt über die besten DI-Funktionen des Avalon U5 mit zwei Vorverstärkern in Studioqualität und einer neuen klanglichen Ergänzung. Zwei alternative solid-state Topologien werden kaskadiert, um einen satten, harmonischen Inhalt im unteren Mitteltonbereich zu erzeugen, der in anderen Avalon-Vorverstärkern nicht angeboten wird. Diese Funktion verleiht dem V55 eine neue. Seit Jahren benutze ich zum Einspielen im Homestudio u.a. Avalon U5, Universal Audio Preamps, RME - Preamps. Diesen Sound bzw. diese Klanggüte wollte ich auch auf meinem Pedalboard live bzw. bei Livemitschnitten liefern. Tilman Ritter ist Spezialist in diesem Bereich. So stand gleich fest, mit wem ich entspannt über mein Vorhaben reden und dann in die Tat umsetzen konnte. 1,5 Jahre später.

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The U5 doesn't. With other preamps I'm always tweaking to eliminate something or other--too boomy, or the treble is harsh, or the mids are scooped, or to present, or something. The Avalon I just plug in and it sounds great. It's like using a really good studio preamp. I apologize for being so enthusiastic about it, but in my experience it. DI Avalon U5: 438 images, 25 user review(s), 5 prices and 1 file to downloa In this video you will find an overview of features while watching me dial in a bass tone with just the plugin, Bassforge Rex Brown. - Justin deBlieck.. Avalon VT747SP Tube Comp/EQ; Avalon U5; Avalon V5; Dual Hochleistungs Audio-PC mit Steinberg Cubase 8.5; 2 UAD DSP-Systeme mit LA2A, 1176LN, Plate 140, Roland Dimension-D, u.v.m... WAVES Plugins Gold-Bundle; Steven Slate Drum Library; Native Komplete 8; Vovox, Sommercable, Gotham - Verkabelung; Neutrik und Hicon - Stecker; Mikrofone. Zeige Mediathek... AKG C414 ULS II ; Neumann u87i; Brauner. The Avalon U5 Pure Class A instrument DI & preamplifier is the most powerful direct box available today. Its state-of-the-art, high input impedance input stage, 100% discrete, Pure Class A signal amplifiers, and half rack size have made this DI a favorite in studios around the world since 1995. The U5 features 1/4 Hi-Z and speaker level inputs (up to 400 watts!), balanced line and mic level.

Single-Channel High-Voltage Instrument DI Preamp. Call 888-SC4-GEAR (888-724-4327) for sales, service, and support for all of your Pro Audio needs. Since 1996, Sonic Circus has worked with recording studios, broadcast studios, live sound companies, and independent engineer/producers, providing equipment, technical design, and support for all aspects of audio production Hello, I am seriously considering picking up the U5 for obvious duties on bass guitar. I know it works on other instruments and keyboards, too. For Mic'ed signals, does anyone run something like a Mackie preamp (off the insert) through the U5 to help add some color on the way in to the.. The Speaker-to-Input switch activates the U5's speaker-signal input, allowing you to plug your amp's speaker output directly into the device. All the switches emit a very small pop when engaged, characteristic of devices such as the U5 that use high-voltage, high-current DC-coupled solid-state circuitry. Avalon feels that the sonic advantages of using this type of circuitry outweigh the minor inconvenience of noisy switches The U5 is a great box, sounds great, imparts about as much 'tone' as a DI should. Hey if you want to change your sound get a pedal That said, the eq presets are pretty strong, I tend to avoid them for normal DI duties. The avalon into a nice pre is a bit of a holy grail of DI bass sound to me. Or come out of the avalons line out into a power amp and you have a whole different ballgame, basically an incredibly naturally voiced preamp with good eq setings and an 'instrument' input as standard. Avalon U5 w/ high output guitar pickups. Level issues. So in order to upgrade my DI chain to reamp at a studio when the recordings are done, I picked up an Avalon U5 and an Apogee Rosetta 200. Once getting the Rosetta hooked connected to my interface(d/a and a/d all through spdif coax, apogee as master clock via wordclock) I sent 1kHz at +4dBu to the Analog In of the Rosetta to see where the.

I did a comparison between the U5 and a couple other preamps I have--a Raven labs PMB-1(10 meg ohm); a Fishman pro eq platimum bass (10 meg ohm); and a sansamp paradriver (4.7 meg ohm). The Avalon (3 meg ohm) sounded significantly better than any of them and I could not hear anything that suggested an impedance mismatch. There was a thread here a while ago about acoustic image--all the new AI amps have an input impedance of 1 meg ohm. Apparently they feel like it's not necessary to have more. Best tone is, kind of obviously, very subjective. I have studio experience with both the Avalon and the Reddi. Live I generally use a Radial JDI. The Avalon and Reddi are very different boxes. I used both on some recent mixing sessions. The Avalon worked great for one track and I think I used the Reddi for two other tracks. I really can't say that one offers better tone than the other. I will say that, given the variables in live stage settings I don't think I'd fork out a grand for a D.

Avalon U5 overkill? Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 11/14/2005 - 14:39. Forums. Recording (live or studio) Hi, first post here... on to it: I'se used and listened to avalon U5 and since i'm getting my own studio together to record some stuff for a album (recording what i can at home to save studio time and $$) i was thinking about getting one for lectric guitar clean and bass... Bur i saw this. Bergantino IP310 and Avalon U5 Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. Bergantino IP310 and Avalon U5. By steve-soar, June 7, 2008 in Gear Porn. Reply to this topic; Start new topic.

Avalon U5 Mono, Erfahrungen? Dieses Thema im Forum Recording & Mikrofonierung wurde erstellt von holgi, 24.08.07. Status des Themas: Beachte, dass dieses Thema älter als ein Jahr ist! Möglicherweise ist es sinnvoller, einen neuen Thread zu erstellen. holgi Moderator Mitarbeiter. Registriert seit: 11.09.05 Punkte: 54.696. Hi, habe evtl. vor mir den Avalon U5 zu kaufen. Absicht: hinter. moosers's review - Avalon U5 + Avalon U5. U5, DI from Avalon. 25 user reviews. Prices starting at $100 average price: $510. avg used price: $545. Product presentation . User reviews . Price engine . Classified Ads. Forums < Return to the list of user reviews. Avalon U5 Question (Mic Pre Interface for adding color?) Member for 17 years 10 months Submitted by Randyman... on Thu, 10/07/2004 - 00:41. Forums. Recording (live or studio) Hello, I am seriously considering picking up the U5 for obvious duties on bass guitar. I know it works on other instruments and keyboards, too. For Mic'ed signals, does anyone run something like a Mackie preamp (off the. The U5 direct box is loaded with sonic character and user features professionals demand. The Avalon U5 Pure Class A instrument DI & preamplifier is the most powerful direct box available today. Designed to optimize absolute signal integrity and musical performance, the U5 includes many features and sonic excellence unequaled by lesser designs. The U5 is ideal for bass guitar and acoustic instruments, electric guitars, keyboards, synthesizers and low output pickups. Features include state-of.

Sadowsky Vintage 5. Avalon U5. Sadowsky Nickel. Tech21 XXL. Tone 10 Drive 0 Warp 1st run 0, 2nd run 4, 3rd run 10. Clip 1. Sadowsky Vintage 5. AI Clarus. Sadowsky Steel 2x Avalon U5 2x dbx 165A 2x Empirical Labs Distressor 3x FMR Audio Really Nice Preamp (6 Channels) Focusrite ISA Two Mic Preamp (2 Channels) GML 8200 Equalizer (2 Channels) Orban 674A Equalizer (2 Channels) RJR BAX Equalizer (2 Channels) SPL Transient Designer (4 Channles) 2x UnderTone Audio MPEQ-1 (2 Channels) UnderTone Audio MPDI-4 (4 Channels

Avalon U5 Mono Instrument & DI Preamplifier. Contact Information *Name *Email *Country *Postcode. VAT Number. Click here to be added to our mailing list. Message * Required Fields. Submit. Account My Cart Enquiry Checkout Log In Search. Go. funky junk. Europe's Largest Stockists of New and Used Professional Audio Equipment . tel:+44(0)207 281 4478. sales@funky-junk.com. 0 Items £0.00; Account. I'm using the smartelectronix plugin, Liveclip, which is apparently still in beta from this summer. I've been a bit out of the music loop lately, but have used it on and off since this summer without any problems. then tonight we were practicing, and I had it on my master effects in Live, with about 9 other devices, a setup I've used a few times before. However, when using liveclip tonight it. Deine erste Anlaufstelle beim Kauf von gebrauchten Synthesizern oder Studioequipment! Unsere Preisliste wird seit 2004 redaktionell geführt und regelmäßig auf Basis tatsächlich stattgefundener Verkäufe auf einschlägigen Online-Gebrauchtbörsen aktualisiert Dec 28, 2015 - This website is for sale! soundkillarecords.com is your first and best source for all of the information you're looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, soundkillarecords.com has it all. We hope you find what you are searching for

How can bass guitarists, producers, engineers, etc. get great, full-sounding bass recordings right at home? Jake's in the studio with a trio of ideas to make.. If I buy a Avalon U5 preamp, how do I then set it up ?. Is it ok to use it into the Octamic 2. Becasue Avalon U5 is a pre amp and the Octamic 2 has a pre amp, so now it is a preamp into a preamp ?. Do I then just put the Octamic on -10 DB ? Or is it better to put the Avalon U5 direct into the Multiface ?. What will I gain or lose in either way ? Many Thanks . Michael. 2 Reply by Randyman.

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  1. Avalon U5 Mono Instrument & DI Preamplifier 779,00 €
  2. Universal Audio Apollo - Plug-Ins im Wert von bis zu 1543 Euro gratis; 01.04. ADAM Audio bringt revolutionär neues Produkt auf den Mark
  3. Literally the exact unit used to record Robert Johnson all those years ago. Also functions v well as a DI for bass, guitar and keys. Plug your instrument into the front. Connect U5 to recorder. Crank up the boost. Choose one of the many ridiculously good sounding Tone settings. Make bank. Hands d..
  4. Avalon U5 - $415 shipped. Great shape with box, manual, but maybe not inserts that go inside box. Neve 1073LB - $850 shipped. Recent purchase. Used less than 5 hours. API 2520 Opamps (genuine) - $85 each shipped. NEW. PreSonus Firestudio Mobile - $125. Average condition. Avalon VT-737SP with new EH tubes (less than 5 hours on the tubes). $1125 shipped. Good condition, but LED's are starting to.
  5. The Avalon U5 is a single channel direct box/instrument preamp with high voltage Class-A amplifier, level boost, and tone control. It is quite popular with bass players and has been extens *Please note -- this item is pre-owned and may show signs of use. The Avalon U5 is a single channel direct box/instrument preamp with high voltage Class-A amplifier, level boost, and tone control. It is.
  6. Were you using any third-party plug-ins or vsti? Did you do anything out of the ordinary right before the crash? I too have a uc33e and used it via usb for awhile, and opted to use it via the regular midi out after awhile. I can't guarantee that the uc33e was the cause of my problems at the time (the other was the awesome free plugin, filterbank vst, which I've found you can't save as a part.

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  1. For contact : gian.casu@ libero.it Audio :MIC AKG 414 - PRE AVALON VT 737 SP - CUBASE SX 6 - WAVES PLUG
  2. Aufgenommen wurde der CP-80 im Studio 9 (Sveriges Radio, Schweden) über einen Music-Man-Verstärker und eine Custom-Speaker-Box unter Verwendung der folgenden Gerätschaften: Avalon U5, Dimension D, SELA T25, Coles 4038, Telefunken U47 und Neumann SM69. Die Sounds der beiden Piano-Instrumente sind bereits mix-ready, so Toontrack
  3. We were trying to record the guitar direct along with micing the amp to have the option of reamping or throwing in a track with a modeler plugin. Using an Avalon U5 ran the guitar into hi z input and the thru output into the amp, gave us horrible noise. Then we used a spliter jack on the guitar, one cable to the amp, and the other to the u5.
  4. Wählen Sie aus der Kategorie Mikrofon-Vorverstärker Avalon beim größten Händler mit Musikinstrumenten. Wir sofort ausgeliefert. Alles lagernd im Online-Shop und in den Filialen. 3 Jahre Garantie und bester Service
  5. to max every 1/4 not or 1/8th note, combining multiple utilities & differently-timed envelopes, switched on and off with my MPD16, to make strange noises. It's fun! But surely there must be a quicker way of doing it than that. Is there a plugin of some sort.
  6. https://goo.gl/FdYPhp For the Preamp I use.GREAT VOCAL MIC: https://goo.gl/YWeGTo Shure SM7bMy Headphones:: https://goo.gl/ycTuuuThis is a common thing to ge..

The Avalon U5 is a high quality, single channel direct input box. It is an analog unit and just has two 1/4 inch connections - one is an input to plug your instrument or signal into and the other i... Read more on Audiofanzine. Avalon U5. This is an analog direct box. I got this a while ago mostly just to use for DI bass recording. It is pretty pricey so you probably don't want to take it out. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Recorded at Studio 9, Sveriges Radio, Sweden through a Music Man RD50 amp using an Avalon U5 line box and Telefunken U47, Coles 4038 and DAD AX24 microphones; All sounds are designed to be mix-ready. Just pick a preset and the sound will sit right in your mix! Uncompromising dynamic response for great playability ; AUDIO DEMOS AUDIO DEMOS. EZKEYS MELLOTOON - WALKTHROUGH. EFFECT CHAIN PRESETS. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's.

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The Avalon RM2 joins two U5 or M5's together in a standard 19 rack. The RM2 contains two stainless steel rack ears, two T-bars, and ten stainless steel screws. Ear: 1 x 5.5 x 3.5 (2.4 x 14 x 8.8 cm) T-ba. The Avalon V5 DI-RE-Mic Preamplifier is an high performance studio preamplifier, DI and RE-amper. The V5 includes a high-quality input transformer (shared with the Avalon VT-737sp) with dual microphone input impedance loading for mic/cable matching, high-cut switch for eliminating acoustic pickup and high-frequency noise, headphone monitor amp and DC coupled, class-A output amplifiers

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Hi, I've started playing around recording my bass guitar straight into my audio interface, and am interested in hearing how you approach this. My first attempt has been to use ableton bass amp and cabinet, do some eq, apply some saturation and a bit of reverb Kc Rack Case Avalon U5 / V5 Dedicated Rc-U5 NEW From JAPAN | Musical Instruments & Gear, Equipment, Other Musical Instrument Equip | eBay

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  1. 25.02.2013 - This website is for sale! zqlz.us is your first and best source for all of the information you're looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, zqlz.us has it all. We hope you find what you are searching for
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